Al-Sahwa [Archives:2007/1034/Press Review]

March 19 2007

March 15
Main Headlines

– Official sources acknowledge the government is indifferent to environmental pollution

– Abyan Locals protest police arbitrary practices

– Children Parliaments demands referring Taha Al-Awadhi's murderers to death

– Hundreds of Hodeida locals march in protest against demolishing their homes

– A tribal leader and two of his bodyguards killed, three others injured in Sa'ada bloody confrontations

– Journalists show solidarity with colleagues suffering violations, urge for punishing perpetrators

– Woman killed in armed confrontations between security forces and Al-Houthi loyalists in Hajja

According to the weekly, security sources confirmed that a woman from Washiha area in Hajja governorate was murdered in a four-day shootout between police and a group of Al-Houthi supporters. Also, the gunfire claimed lives of nine people and injured 6 others last week. Three of Al-Houthi followers were wounded as they were attempting to launch a new front of military confrontations in Hajja, observers said.

Another 8 Al-Houthi aides were reportedly killed earlier last week at the Hajja-Sa'ada border in fierce clashes. Sources indicated that large groups of Al-Houthi followers are currently entrenching in Sha'alal, confirming the state's weak presence in these areas after tribal Sheikhs and tribesmen opposed any military presence in their areas. They asked the government to supply them with arms in order for them to confront the rebellion without any need for military presence.