Al-Sahwa [Archives:2007/1042/Press Review]

April 16 2007

April 12
Main Headlines

– Workers of Balhaf-based French company go on strike

– A little girl killed in shootout over land disputes

– Tribal arbitration resolves conflict over a citizen's murder

– U.S. State Department official: Yemen's most recent presidential and local elections experienced numerous mistakes.

– JMP spokesman calls for good atmospheres to continue dialogue

– Bin Shamlan: If Saleh has the will to implement his platform, he can do so through any cabinet

The weekly reported that Faisal Bin Shamlan, the Joint Meeting Parties' candidate, who ran for president in Yemen's most recent polls, confirmed that the country suffers an illogic political situation. He underestimated the significance of the new cabinet formation saying, “President Saleh could implement his platform through the former cabinet formation if he had the will to do so.”

In an interview with the media, Bin Shamlan indicated that he doesn't perceive any economic policy in the country and that the elections had gone, along with their sweetness and bitterness while people are awaiting for any positive changes expected to happen after the polls. According to Bin Shamlan people appear unsatisfied with the current situation and pin hope that the current dialogue between the JMP and regime reaches tangible results.