Al-Sahwa [Archives:2007/1052/Press Review]

May 21 2007

Thursday, May 17
Main Headlines

– More than 20 jail inmates suffer in Criminal Investigation Bureau's jail

– Chinese, Austrian and Ethiopian nationals convert to Islam in Sana'a

– National Unity will never grow in bad and faulty atmospheres, says Al-Azab at an Ibb symposium.

– Taiz Woman Forum to honor activists in the governorate

– Joint Meeting Parties in Al-Dhale'e renews rejection of civil service official

– Head of ruling party's parliamentary block undertakes surgery, returns to Sana'a

– Sana'a University Rector accuses authorities of attempting to extort teaching staff benefits

As Sana'a University teaching staff unanimously agreed to continue their strike until the government process all their demands, the university rector Khalid Tamim said that YR300 million has been approved as accommodation allowances for teachers in the state's general budget, the newspaper reported. He lashed out at authorities in the Civil Service Ministry for allegedly attempting to extort the allocations.

At a meeting with the teaching staff, Tamim denounced the oppression exercised on the rights of the dead after they remained in service for a long period of time. Abdulhakim Noraddine, member of the Sana'a University Teaching Staff Syndicate, blamed the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research for being unserious toward teachers' issues. He insisted on teachers to go on strike and then escalate it into sit-ins and protests to pressure the government meet their demands.