Al-Sahwa [Archives:2007/1058/Press Review]

June 11 2007

Thursday, June 7
Main Headlines

– Joint Meeting Parties leadership, E.U. discuss political reform

– Al-Istheraki and Al-Shoura news websites blocked once again

– Journalists protest information and telecommunication ministries for restricting press freedom

– Members of parliament insist on investigating reasons behind failure of Ibb projects

– Teachers arrested for asking students to write about President's efforts in fighting corruption

– Saleh's regime lacks will and capacity to adopt radical reforms

– Yemen's current regime is closer to Imamate than to modern state

– Sa'ada fighting extends to Al-Jawf, international campaign extend helps to displaced people, leader of rebellion warns Saudi Arabia of backing army

The Sa'ada fighting has extended eastward to reach different areas in Al-Jawf governorate after tens were killed and other dozens injured in the most recent fierce clashes between the military forces and Al-Houthi supporters, Islah Party-run weekly reported. It added that several families evicted their homes and moved to other safe areas while the World Food Program has started a campaign of aids to the displaced families.

Meanwhile, prominent members of parliament criticized the government for being unable to resolve the crisis after the ruling party declared that the Yemeni Ambassador to Libya has returned home. Leader of the rebellion Abdulmalik Al-Houthi accused Saudi Arabia and other states of standing by the government troops against them.