Al-Sahwa [Archives:2007/1062/Press Review]

June 25 2007

Thursday, June 21
Main Headlines

– Penal Court rules on jailing journalist for one week, investigates his injuries when he was arrested

– Shaiban discloses a corruption scandal of YR 1 billion in Ministry of Youth and Sports

– Citizens block North Sixty Meter Road in protest against repeated accidents

– Senior YJS leader denounces Al-Khaiwani's arrest while journalists stage sit-in

– Human right activist released after hours of captivity in Taiz jail

– Joint Meeting Parties welcome any initiative to end Sa'ada fighting

– Fund for Peace labels Yemen among failed countries

The weekly reported that an international report, recently released by the Fund for Peace, put Yemen in the list of failed countries worldwide. For the third consecutive year, Yemen remains enlisted among the 60 countries, which the fund labels as the worst countries in the world due to various indicators including the absence of law and order, human right abuses, foreign intervention in the country's domestic affairs, the unorganized growth, the ailing economy and poor public services, as well as corruption and poor living standards of people.

Yemen stood fourth after Nepal, Uzbekistan and Sierra Leone in the list of countries threatened of failure and came 24th in the list of failed countries worldwide. The report attributed the poor situation in Yemen to fragmentation of the regime and conflicts between tribes and the authorities.