Al-Sahwa [Archives:2007/1066/Press Review]

July 9 2007

Thursday, July 5
Main Headlines

– Yemeni Socialist Party Leadership in Aden calls on members and loyalists to support army pensioners

– Al-Mekhlafi: Transferring Shoura Chief Editor to Central Prison is a violation of press freedom

– Information Minister defends his ministry's procedure blocking news message services

– Committee of party dialogue forms work team to crystalize its previous agreements

– Specialized Penal Court starts trying Al-Khaiwani, postpones his release

– Aden Prosecution investigates burial of unidentified corpses last week

– Abyan journalists stands in solidarity with Al-Khaiwani

– 3 people killed, 26 others injured in Hajja traffic accidents

The weekly quoted securiy sources in Hajja governorate as saying that at least three people have been killed and 26 others injured in six sporadic road accidents on Tuesday, July 3. It added that there is a woman among the deaths and the traffic accidents included turnovers, run overs and collisions in several districts such as Kashr, Aflah Al-Yemen, Najrah, Abs and the provicial capital.

Accordign to the sources, the increasing traffic accidents in Yemen consitute a catastrophe and a great risk to citizens and the issue requires everyone to drive carefully and abide by the traffic laws and regulations. The sources attributed the repeated traffic accidents in different Yemeni governorates to indifference of drivers, poor car maintenance and break-neck speed.