Al-Sahwa [Archives:2007/1072/Press Review]

July 30 2007

Thursday July 26
Main Headlines

– Government allocates YR 124 million as food allowances and aids to ruling party officials, COCA report reveals

– Medical Charitable Society train 650 dentists

– Abyan Joint Meeting Parties' leaders meet National Democratic Institute representatives

– Parliament forms committee to resolve congestions and crises nationwide

– Parliamentary report advises authorities to tackle issues of military and security pensioners

– Hundreds of gunmen stream into Damt streets following murder of three policemen

The weekly newspaper reported that more than two hundred armed men from Al-Beidha governorate have streamed into streets of the tourist city of Damt, one day after a citizen shot dead three policemen during their attempt to confiscate his gun. The newspaper correspondent confirmed that the gunmen came to Damt aboard 20 cars, pointing out that gunmen are positioning with their heavy and light arms at the city entrances. This aroused fear among the city inhabitants.

The weekly quoted local sources as saying that gunmen have come from Qaifa area, one of the Yemeni tribes known for the possession of different types of heavy and light arms in Al-Beidha governorate, seeking revenge for the murder of their tribesman, Ahmad Qara'a, who was an officer working in the city security department. Qara'a and another two policemen were shot dead on Tuesday as they tried to force a citizen lay down his gun.