Al-Sahwa [Archives:2007/1080/Press Review]

August 27 2007

Thursday, August 23
Main Headlines

– Teachers protest arbitrary practices against educators, poor services

– Sana'a University Students Union claims corruption authority to investigate returns of paid-seat programs

– Prime Minister invites philanthropists to support the Charitable Society for Cancer Patients

– Yemeni journalists condemn Al-Houthi statements, describe them as sectarian

– Al-Eryani: No development can be reached in the absence of freedom and respect for human rights

– Citizens protest state's failed policies

Thousands of Yemeni citizens in different provinces nationwide streamed into streets of main cities in protest against corruption and price rises, the weekly paper reported in a front page article. It added that Yemeni politicians considered those protests sponsored by the Joint Meeting Parties, as attempts to prevent the country from becoming a failed state. For his part, the Islah Party's political section chairman Sayed Al-Mamri said that the authorities' efforts to resolve current terrible conditions are unreal and only alleviative.

“JMP has plans to set up sit-ins in all Yemeni provinces with the aim of condemning the corruption and deteriorated public services” he added. Assistant Secretary General of Popular Forces Union Party Dr. Mohammed Al-Mutawkel said that JMP would not adopt the military option which the government often tries to convince these parties to use it, affirming that peaceful struggle is the best solution.

He further called the ruling party to admit its failure, quit power and prepare for early fair elections. The senior leader of the Yemeni Socialist Party, Ali Al-Srari denounced the authorities' acts of repressing those who try to express their opinions through peaceful protests.