Al-Sahwa [Archives:2007/1082/Press Review]

September 3 2007

Thursday, August 30
Main Headlines

– Sana'a JMP Leadership: Price hikes, corruption and oppression are the biggest threats to unity

– Report gives political participation in Yemen poor assessment

– Wheat and flour prices continue skyrocketing despite Economic Cooperation's intervention

– Islah Party's parliamentary caucus condemns MP's interception at a security checkpoint

– Joint Meeting Parties refuse to accept handover of power, insist on early elections

– Oxy oil company workers strike from work over dismissal of colleagues

– Mr. President doesn't lead a life similar to ours

The journalist Jamal Anam wrote in a last page opinion article that “Poverty is global, corruption is global, price hikes is global and telling lies is global. People, you have to believe in what Mr. President says like you did before. The problem is that you people are always in hurry and that your patience or tolerance is not global.

All the peoples of developed and underdeveloped countries sometimes suffer change of situations that may have negative impacts on their living standards. But, peoples of other countries don't feel obliged to take to streets of cities to protest any price doses, as their governments immediately deal with any issues of this kind as soon as they emerge and give no chance for citizen's tension to grow sharper, he said.

Much of the issues witnessed in Yemen are most of the time experienced in other countries. New York suffers a water shortage and Tokyo experiences power blackouts for hours, and the latter is expected to ask Yemen to provide it with candles, as well as the nuclear experience of its Electricity Minister. Unlike Yemen, the other states never pretend to say that any problems experienced in their territories are global. So, we want to know why our government behaves this way.