Al-Sahwa [Archives:2007/1084/Press Review]

September 10 2007

Thursday, September 6
Main Headlines

-Islah Party's Shoura Council denounces crackdown on protesters in Aden and Hadramout, expresses solidarity with retiree's demands

-An education ministry source: High school exam results announced, no technical problems reported

-Two policemen injured in confrontations with Al-Awaleq tribes in Shabwa

-Politicians and legislators urge MPs to hold an extraordinary meeting to discuss the country's situations

-Manager of Public Works Office in Damt accuses influential persons of burglarizing public funds

-Yemeni Lawyers Syndicate condemns assault on President of Banks and Insurance Companies Union

-President Saleh releases Sheikhs of Hamdan and Shulan tribes amid demands to resolve their issues

The weekly newspaper reported in a front page article that President Ali Abdullah Saleh on Wednesday released the tribal Sheikhs of Hamdan and Shulan tribes in Al-Jawf governorate, who have been detained in the Ministry of Defense for more than one year and half a year over revenge killings between both tribes. Local sources in Al-Jawf urged the government to expedite resolving the disputes between the two conflicting tribes in order to help the area avoid any new clashes, particularly following release of tribal leaders.

According to the weekly newspaper, the Ministry of Defense detained the tribal chieftains of Hamdan and Shulan tribes with the aim of ending the bloody confrontations that lasted up for eight years over revenges. It added that President Saleh sponsored a six-month ceasefire, which both tribes signed.