Al-Sahwa [Archives:2007/1086/Press Review]

September 17 2007

Thursday, September 13
Main Headlines

– As Indonesian authorities announce curfew in Sumatra following a series of quakes, Yemen underestimates any tsunami threat

– Fasting in Ramadan increases level of benign cholesterol in blood, a scientific study conducted in Tunisia finds

– Foodstuff prices skyrocket, governorates experience unprecedented gas shortage on the advent of Ramadan

– Security authorities arrest academics in Sana'a over allegedly assaulting manager of Kuwait Hospital

– Aden Security Department rejects Appeal Court's directions to release detainees

– Armed confrontations in Damt in land disputes, many injured in quarrels over lease

– Thousands of citizens attend funerals of protests' victims in Mukalla and Al-Dhale'

– U.S. authorities' decisions on Al-Moayyad and Zayed hailed

The Islah Party's mouthpiece reported in a front page article that the National Committee for Defending Al-Moayyad and Zayed has welcomed the U.S. decisions concerned with lifting administrative punishments imposed on Sheikh Mohammed Al-Moayyad and his companion Mohammed Zayed. Chairman of the committee Hamoud Al-Dharhi applauded those decisions, praising the efforts made by the Yemeni officials in the pairs' case.

According to the weekly newspaper, Al-Dharhi further expressed hopes that the Yemeni government would double its efforts in order to release the innocent Yemeni detainees. He also appealed to all international organizations to put more pressures on the U.S. administration to release the aged sheikh and his companion, who have been detained in a U.S. jail for more than 5 years on suspicion of funneling money to terrorism.