Al-Sahwa [Archives:2007/1088/Press Review]

September 24 2007

Thursday, September 20
Main Headlines

– Joint Meeting Parties demand authorities to tackle electricity and water problems in Taiz within 4 months

– Mahweet's JMP leadership calls for sit-in on Saturday, warns authorities of machinating obstacles

– RAFD for Human Development launches Milky Cow Project in Hodeida rural areas

– MP Mohamed Abdullah Al-Qadhi: We are ready to publish documents convicting looters of the nation

– Raima Teachers are awaiting Ramadan bonus, Sana'a teachers syndicate suspends sit-in

– Father commits suicide over skyrocketing prices

– Al-Dhale' Local Council Leadership refers rioting case to Public Prosecution

– JMP condemns murdering prominent sheikh, injuring his son and two others

The weekly newspaper reported in a front page article that the Joint Meeting Parties condemned on Wednesday the killing of Sheikh Abdul-Salam Al-Qaisi and wounding his son and two others. The opposition parties asked the authorities to end such acts and shoulder their responsibilities toward protecting citizens and preventing murder crimes.

According to the newspaper, Sheikh Abdul-Salam Al-Ansi was killed by security forces Tuesday in Taiz. The sheikh's relatives ruled out what was claimed by the security forces alleging that the sheikh's aides refused to hand over their weapons while entering Taiz city. After the incident, dozens of gunmen spread in Taiz city, blocked roads and streets and seized eight government vehicles.