Al-Sahwa [Archives:2007/1090/Press Review]

October 1 2007

Thursday, September 27
Main Headlines

– Academics and political leaders warn of risks posed to September 26 Revolution's values, demand serious reading of reasons

– U.S. Study describes political reform scene in Yemen as gloomy due to extending President Saleh's term

– Aden Security forces disperse illegally retired protesters, many of them arrested

– Al-Nuba Defense team withdraws from trial over lack of evident charge against client

– Lightening kills one, injures another in Abyan while 19 sheep have been reportedly killed

Civil Community Coalition considers crackdown on peaceful struggle as threat to national unity

– Politicians, clerics downplay constitutional amendments declared by Saleh

Yemeni politicians and religious scholars downplayed the constitutional amendments declared by President Ali Abdullah Saleh on Monday , considering those amendments as an attempt to circumvent required reforms in the nation, the weekly paper reported. It added that Saleh had announced Tuesday his intentions to amend the state's constitution .

According to the newspaper, he intended to reduce the presidential term form seven years to five years and the parliamentary term form six to four years. Saleh explained that changes would also include shifting the country's government to a presidential system and pointing out that such amendments should enhance democracy and give him broad powers to overcome the countries economic problems.