Al-Sahwa [Archives:2007/1092/Press Review]

October 8 2007

October 4
Main Headlines

– Minister of Local Administration call on governors to be join parties in discussing provincial issues

– Armed confrontations between Security Forces and Al Al-Thabti tribe in Marib over tribal issues

– Interior Ministry indifferent toward kidnapping of religious cleric, protests for his release escalate

– At least 9 reportedly killed and others injured in Dhamar car accident

– Transparency International demand transferring Ba Awwam and Al-Nuba to hospital

– Islah Party members in Hajja and Al-Beidha stress necessity of peaceful struggle for development

– Presidential initiative aims to resolve President's problems, says Qahtan

A senior leader of the Joint Meeting Parties, Mohammad Qahtan, said that the president's recently declared initiative had come to only solve the President's own problems due to the wave of soaring prices, and not to solve the people's problems, the weekly paper reported. “The ruling power aims to grant the president new two terms,” the weekly quoted Qahtan as saying in a political symposium in Dhamar province.

He labeled the authorities as narrow-minded, affirming that they only think of tribe and family at the expense of the nation. According to Saleh's imitative, the new amendments would cut the presidential term from seven to five years, and reduce the parliamentary term to four from six years. He further said that the expected changes will shift the current parliamentary system into a presidential system in which he would hold the posts of head of state and head of cabinet.