Al-Sahwa [Archives:2007/1096/Press Review]

October 22 2007

Saturday, October 20
Top Stories

– Official Spokesman of Retirees Societies: We have nothing to do with President's meeting, those who attended can represent themselves only

– Parliament to listen to a report about its work over the past time period

– Journalist Abdulkarim Al-Khaiwani to appear tomorrow before State Security Court

– Four soldiers killed in clashes with Houthi supporters in Sa'ada

Dr. Abdu Al-Ma'atari, Official Spokesman of Retirees Societies, confirmed that the Military and Civil Retirees Committee has not received any invitation for attending a meeting with President of the Republic today in Aden, the strongest opposition party's website reported on the lead story. It quoted Al-Ma'atari as saying that “the meeting of which the official media speak is nothing more than a meeting with people who only represent themselves and have no relation with the military and civil pensioners. Those people attended the meeting in order to get money.”

“Hundreds of retirees have massed today in Al-Dhale' governorate, thereby expressing their strong rejection of any bargain at the expense of their constitutional and legal rights. These retirees have assured to continue their peaceful struggle until they attain all their legal rights, one of which is recognizing their role as army members in achieving the national unity and applying its agreement,” Al-Ma'atari said in a statement. He conveyed the strong rejection of pensioners to rumors casting doubt on their faith in unification, ascertaining that all the military, security and civil retirees remain adherent to maintaining the national unity more than those who merely claim to be adherent to unity in lip service. Al-Ma'atari opposed the strategy of reinstating retirees to their military units after they have been dismissed since 1994 Civil War.

He confirmed that resolving the retirees' issue can not end by reinstating those who were dismissed from their jobs unless the army reclaims the pre 1994 Civil War status. The website reported that 26 mentioned that President of the Republic is due to meet in Aden with representatives of retirees who came from seven governorates.