Al-Sahwa [Archives:2007/1098/Press Review]

October 25 2007

Thursday, October 25
Top Stories

– President Saleh to meet JMP leadership in Aden Saturday

– Retirees and jobless youths stage mass demonstrations in Lahj governorate

– France extends 130 million Euros in aid to Yemen, opens an office for French Development Agency in Sana'a

– Aden JMP branch denounces government policies for exacerbating crises

– Parliamentary committee discloses corruption cases costing the state billions of riyals

– Retirees and jobless youths sue mosque preacher

The Coordination Council of Military and Civil Retirees' Societies and jobless youth associations in the governorates of Aden, Dhale', Lahj, Abyan, Shabwa, Mahrah and Hadramout, filed a lawsuit against Nasser Al-Shaibani, Preacher of Al-Janad Mosque for instigating security personnel to exercise violence against protestors while giving the Eid sermon, the weekly newspaper reported in its lead story. Filed by the defense-advocate Ali Mahmoud Al-Araziqi to Taiz Appeal Prosecution, the lawsuit demanded investigating the defendant Nasser Al-Shaibani for calling retirees disbelievers.

According to the newspaper, the suit included several charges against Al-Shaibani, who gave a fatwa permitting bloodshed of protestors and demonstrators, who claim their constitutional rights during the Eid sermon before President of the Republic. The retirees societies also threatened to sue a penal action against Al-Shaibani to the UN Security Council.