Al-Sahwa [Archives:2007/1100/Press Review]

November 5 2007

Thursday, November 1
Top Stories

– Yemeni students in Malaysia to start mass strike at their government's embassy in Kuala Lumpur

– Director of Ghamr District escapes assassination attempt

– Sana'a University Teaching Staff to resume protests in two weeks now

– Yemeni journalists declare a Sana'a-based alliance to fight corruption

– JMP concerned about investigations into bloody events

The weekly paper reported that the branch of Joint Meeting Parties JMP in Al-Dhale province expressed concerns over investigations into the bloody events that happened in September 10 and left two people dead and seven wounded. The parties noted defense-advocates of the victims were prevented from getting acquainted with the case details in order to follow the necessary legal steps. The JMP said the concerned authorities on the case are trying to fake facts and fabricate accusations to dissolve the case under the law.

The statement of the JMP issued on Tuesday demanded the public prosecution to be partial during investigations and asked to arrest murderers. In addition it demanded to enable the families of the two killed persons to practice their legal right represented in getting acquainted with the details of the case. The families have the right to provide all evidence in relation to the case, the statement said. The statement spoke to the JMP fans, civil society organizations and social figures supporting the families to bolster the case and invited them to attend a ceremony for the martyrs of peaceful struggle to be held on Thursday at Al-Samood square.

The JMP emphasized his solidarity with the families of martyrs and wounded persons due to peaceful struggle in Radfan, Hadramout and other province in Yemen. It asked the government to release all arrested persons, primarily Hassan Ba-oom and Nasser Al-Nouba. In addition the JMP expressed solidarity with the families of those killed or wounded in the bloody events at the Al-Habilain stadium on October 13.