Al-Sahwa [Archives:2007/1102/Press Review]

November 12 2007

Thursday, November 8
Top Stories

– World Bank accuses Yemeni government of mishandling payroll system

– Public Prosecution releases terror suspect without court's knowledge

– Sana'a hosts symposium on globalization's effects on social insurance

– Penal Court finds 32 people guilty in Marib's bombings, acquits others for inadequate evidence

– Joint Meeting Parities urge President Saleh to quit addresses about revenges

– Government unable to control price hikes, says Minister of Industry and Trade

The weekly newspaper reported in its lead story that Minister of Industry and Trade Yahya Al-Mutawakil said on Wednesday to the parliament the government is not capable to fix prices, pointing out that it follows the mechanism of free market.

According to the newspaper, the minister stated the national economy is in a pathetic state and faces big challenges particularly under decline in oil production. In reply to a question on the reasons behind soaring food prices Al-Mutawakil said bolstering wheat again will lead to much unrest. Members of parliament criticized the government justifications for being incapable of controlling the price hikes, affirming that the government could fix prices if it eradicated corruption. They requested the government to provide food security and to have tight censorship on tradesmen who play with prices and monopolize basic foodstuffs and other commodities.