Al-Sahwa [Archives:2007/1104/Press Review]

November 19 2007

Thursday, November 15
Top Stories

-Radfan victims' lawyer accuses Lahj authorities of prolonging case procedures

-Taiz unions and organizations claim government to cash money owed to employees

-Socotra students protest against lack of teachers in their schools

-National campaign to increase awareness of pregnant and breastfeeding women about qat harms

-Parliament committee to investigate obstacles hindering inauguration of Satellite Education Channel

– Court adjourns trial of suspected traitors

The State Security Specialized Penal Court adjourned on Monday issuance of a sentence against Yemenis accused of offering intelligences to an Arab state until the end of the current November without explaining the reasons behind that, the weekly reported. The first suspect Ahmed al-Dhahok,50, had confessed in the last hearing held on June 26 that he was working along with Abdul-Aziz al-Hatbani, 36 , in the Saudi intelligence and that he had been dismissed .

During the hearing, the prosecutor affirmed to the court that the Egyptian Embassy to Sana'a' told them that suspects had extorted money from them alleging that they had intelligences concerning the Egyptian security. The prosecution had accused Ahmed Al-Dhahok and Abdul Aziz Al-Hatbani of giving false intelligences to the Egyptian Embassy.

It further spelled out that the suspects had pretended to the embassy that Kuwait and Saudi had funded and trained terrorist groups in order to dispatch them to launch terrorist operations in Egypt.