Al-Sahwa [Archives:2008/1126/Press Review]

February 4 2008

Thursday, January 31
Top Stories

– Yemeni regime unable to address demands of the time, says JMP spokesman at NDI's political systems symposium

– Sheikh Sa'atar offers one million reward for information on a corruption-free government agency

– Former JMP spokesman: Islah Party adores late Sheikh Al-Ahmar thanks to the man's notable national efforts

– Bassurra warns against politicizing security issues, demands that youth's problems be addressed

– Hadramout University staff and Soccotra medical workers begin comprehensive strike

– Qatar resumes mediation efforts to end Sa'ada fighting

Field leader of rebels in the Yemeni northern governorate of Sa'ada Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi revealed to that the Qatari government will resume its mediation efforts to end the ongoing war between the government forces and his followers, the weekly paper reported in a front page article. It added that an official delegation and another one from the Sa'ada rebels will leave Sana'a Wednesday to Qatar, according to Al-Houthi. Both sides will hold negotiations there with the aim of containing the escalating crisis.

According to Al-Sahwa, the resumption of mediation efforts coincided with ongoing clashes between the two sides. Al-Houthi said that the government fired 20 rockets against his loyalists on Tuesday, and in the meantime, expressing his hopes that both sides can reach a compromise or an effective agreement in the Gulf state.

The weekly continued that security and military troops increased their checkpoints on the roads on Monday and Tuesday, notably on the roads and mountains between Majaz and Sehar districts in order to prevent any supplies and reinforcements from reaching Houthis. This came after some security checkpoints failed to discover the road through which three Houthis' cars, loaded with huge quantities of weapons and ammunition, moved from Dhehian to Haidan, according to reports released by security monitoring centers. These reports revealed that three cars moved to the areas of military and security operations in the governorate.