Al-Sahwa [Archives:2008/1138/Press Review]

March 17 2008

Thursday, March 13
Top Stories

– COCA discloses corruption cases amounting up to YR 118 million

– Textile factory workers protest against salaries delay

– Authority attempts to hit peaceful struggle in Dhale' governorate, says Socialist Party leader

– Yemeni students in Cairo suffer from hard conditions as government delays their financial entitlements

– Tehama elders don't attend Husseinia Fourth Festival

The weekly reported that Tehama sheiks and elders did not attend the Husseinia Festival for Horse and Camel Racing and Falk Activities, organized Saturday in Tehama, Hodaida province, protesting against what they called land plundering, injustice, and confiscation of equal citizenship rights. Teham sheikhs and senior tribal leaders attributed their absence to their rejection of injustice practiced against Tehama citizens, depredating their lands and assets, and marginalization of its population.

Sheikh Yahya Monasar expressed sorrow over president Saleh's speech delivered at the festival in which he strongly slammed the Yemeni opposition. “We hoped that the president would give back assets and lands taken from Tehama citizens by powerful officials and solve their own troubles; starvation