Al-Sahwa [Archives:2008/1150/Press Review]

April 28 2008

Saturday April 26
Top Stories

– Border victims appeal to President Saleh and government to rescue them from Saudi authorities' torture

– Al-Dhalea JMP declares it will boycott gubernatorial elections

– An official report holds nepotism in government offices responsible for growing poverty and unemployment

– Disputes between ruling party members hinder governor elections in Hajja governorate

– Two killed, others injured in clashes between army personnel and citizens in Amran

– Dhamar rally urges citizens to escalate peaceful protests against corrupt authority

The Islah Party's website reported that thousands of people gathered on Thursday in Dhamar governorate to take part in a rally held by Yemen's opposition cartel, the so-called Joint Meeting Parties (JMP). It added that senior JMP leader Hussein Sanad urged all people to participate in saving the state from an inevitable collapse due to wrong policies adopted by the ruling party, warning of serious violations committed by the authorities against citizens and activists.

Giving an address before the crowd, Sanad further noted that the best option for the people is to take into streets and protest against such policies and infringements. “JMP has chosen peaceful struggle to claim rights and freedoms and rescue the state from a dark tunnel it is living in under a corrupt government,” he maintained.

On a side note, the website said that the central prison of Taiz province prevented leaders of Islah party from visiting well-known comedian Fahad Al-Qarni, who was referred lately to Prosecution. Al-Qarni was arrested while he was heading to Aden to cover a festival there two weeks ago.

According to Article 19, a British organization, Al-Qarni was arrested as a result of “higher orders.” “It seems to have been a politically motivated response to Al-Qarni's position against corruption in the country” added Article 19.