Al-Sahwa [Archives:2008/1168/Press Review]

June 30 2008

Thursday, June 26, 2008
Top Stories

– Dhalea local councilors question public works office manager over administrative violations

– Dhalea, Hadhramou and Al-Jawf boycott President's awards for Youth

– Aljazeera center releases report on status of Yemeni women

– JMP stresses necessity of resuming dialogue between the various political parties

Joint Meeting Parties or Yemen's main opposition coalition has stressed the necessity of resuming national dialogue between the various political parties, saying that only dialogue would solve the current complicated crisis in the nation, the weekly reported. It quoted Abdulwahab Al-Anisi, Chairperson of JMP Higher Council as saying Saturday in a press conference that elections are important to Yemen's future and that JMP is more interested in them than others, emphasizing that dialogue with the ruling party was suspended since it tried to amend the General Election Law, placed in effect.

“Yemen's crisis has presently become more complicated, it will not be resolved individually, and the government should have tackled it before it worsens”.

On the other hand, JMP had sent a letter to President Ali Abdullah Saleh in which it regarded democracy, freedoms, elections, political prisoners' issue, and prosecutions of journalists as well as Sa'ada war as the main themes of any serious dialogue among all different political forces.

According to the weekly, JMP asked President Saleh to make the up-coming parliamentary elections a turning point to political life, citing that the ruling General People Congress, has “redlines” which can't be crossed, and these redlines are the main the reason why dialogues and efforts to compromise fail.

In its letter, JMP affirmed that arrests of political activists, editors and repressing demonstrations are the most prominent factors of the current crisis. It warns that such trends could clear the way to violence, conspiracies and aggressions.