Al-Sahwa [Archives:2008/1186/Press Review]

September 1 2008

Thursday, August 28, 2008
Top Stories

– Three previous SCER members refuse reappointment to occupy same posts

– Al-Jawf governorate's farmers protest against diesel shortage, governor make impossible promises

– Decision to form SCER reflects ruling party's desire to run in elections alone

An official source at JMP's Executive Body noted that the republican decree, which appointed SCER members, came to reflect the one-side steps by the ruling party and its desire to run in the upcoming parliamentary election alone, as well as eliminate other partners from politics through a variety of scandalous means and practices, the website reported.

It quoted the same source as saying in a press release distributed to the various media outlets Tuesday that JMP leaders committed unprecedented constitutional and legal violations by appointing SCER members in an arbitrary and irresponsible manner that preached a recent agreement between both sides.

It continued that members affiliated with the ruling party contravened even the Parliament Bylaw sine they voted for a decision to select new SCER members without obtaining the legal quorum for the vote, which is two-thirds of Parliament members numbering 301.

JMP member parties considered procedures taken by GPC in this regard as symptomatic of its poor and unwise policies that usually create complicated and sharp crises between political parties. The opposition coalition rejected the process of selecting three of its members to be added to 9 members from the ruling party as the new SCER staff. The three members were selected by President Saleh without any agreement or approval by their coalition or individual parties.

The JMP source described those (officials in the ruling party's government) who selected former SCER staff to compose the new SCER as “totalitarians”” since they usually attempt to edge out the opposition's role in this matter.