Al-Sahwa [Archives:2008/1188/Press Review]

September 8 2008

Thursday, Sept 4, 2008
Top Stories

– A senior JMP leader describes Parliament Speaker as “a tyrannous oppressor”

– Water projects in Hadramout threatened by halt due to diesel shortage

– JMP leaders: We will not allow ruling party to eliminate us from elections

Yemen's major opposition coalition, also known as Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) has stressed its stances toward the elections, considering them an approach to solve crises in the state and not a tool to help these crises worsen, the website reported in one of its lead stories.

In a letter addressed on Monday to the president, JMP explained that any election commission should be a comprehensive system and not a commission imposed by the ruling majority, emphasizing that JMP would not allow the ruling party to exclude it from politics.

Chairman of JMP supreme council Abdul-Wahab Al-Anisi affirmed that the opposition would go on struggling until its demands are met, asking the government to release all political prisoners, end tensions and create political environment in which constitutional and legal rights are respected.

“While democratic principles give the ruling majority the right to run the state according to its own platforms and visions