Al-Sahwa [Archives:2008/1190/Press Review]

September 15 2008

Thursday, Sept. 11, 2008
Top Stories

– Saudi police rescue 22 Yemen illegal immigrants from death in the desert

– HOOD: Three citizens and a child are being held hostages in Sana'a

– Defense-advocate demands Al-Moayad transferred to hospital due to critical condition

Defense-advocate of Sheikh Mohammad Al-Moayad has demanded the Yemeni government should exert pressure on the U.S. administration in order to allow him take the ailing detainee to hospital, the website reported in its lead story.

It continued that the U.S. lawyer told the eldest son of Al-Moayad, Ibrahim, in a call conversation that his father condition is critical, pointing out that his doctor inside the jail recommended that the aged inmate be taken to hospital as he could not be healed there.

According to the news website, Ibrahim Al-Moayad further expressed sorrow as the Yemeni lawyer Mohammad Alaw came back to Yemen without meeting his father, indicating that the U.S. appeal court would issue a sentence against Al-Moayad in this month.

The website went on to say that Ibrahim explained that his father complained last week in a phone conversation that the prison management impedes delivering papers and letters to his father.

Sheikh al Moayad was sentenced to 75 years in prison while his companion Mohammad Zayed was sentenced to 45 years. The pair was caught in Frankfort Airport while flying to Germany for medical treatment and was subsequently handed over to the U.S. Administration on suspicion of funneling funds to the Palestinian Hamas Movement and supporting terrorism.