Al-Sahwa [Archives:2008/1202/Press Review]

October 27 2008

Thursday, Oct. 23, 2008
Top Stories

– Aden-based National Consultation Committee denounces assassination attempt on top YSP leader

– Parliament demands government clarify reasons behind piracy and why Yemen's U17 Football Team was eliminated by AFC

– JMP: Plan to annul multi-party system is a coup against democracy

Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) has appreciated the reaction demonstrated by its members and supporters toward its call for boycotting the current election commission and its voter registration committees, the website reported, adding that the opposition coalition said in a meeting on Monday that any threat to eradicate multiparty system is a coup against political and democratic development, achieved by Yemeni Reunification.

JMP also affirmed that the current election commission is illegal and only represents the ruling party. It discussed some issues set in its scheme, stressing the necessity of continuing struggle for the sake of protecting the Constitution, law, democracy, justice and fighting corruption.

On a side note, the website reported that Judicial sources recently revealed Chairman of Retirees Association Abdu Al-Maatari and Head of Jobless Youth Association were sentenced to one year in prison on charges of establishing associations without having licenses.

Al-Maatari told that he only knew that a sentence was issued against him on Saturday though it was issued on July, labeling the sentence as “a politicized verdict”.

He further noted that the court verdicts aim to end peaceful and political activities in Dhalea and other provinces, vowing to call the association staff for an extraordinary meeting to discuss the unfair verdict.

According to the website, Yemeni Socialist Party (YSP) has accused the ruling General People's Congress (GPC) of violating democracy, unity principles, adding that the ruling party failed to resolve Yemen's pressing problems.

On its 30th Anniversary last Tuesday, YSP affirmed that GPC stayed adhering to conventional behaviors which it used to practice and resorted to assassinate top YSP leaders of and foment violence.

YSP explained that GPC foiled the search of solutions to the recent united state's problems and used weapons as means to settle political and ideological disagreements.

It further described 1994 war as criminal in all social, national and moral levels, pointing out that the perpetrators of the war incited culture of hatred, violence and backwardness.

YSP called for eradicating all the impacts of 1994 war settle internal wars, addressing the southern issue, achieving a package of political, constitutional and economic reforms , forming a comprehensive national draft to build a modern state of law and order and promoting democracy via carrying out serious reforms, which may enhance peaceful transfer of power and exterminate rampant corruption.