Al-Sahwa [Archives:2008/1204/Press Review]

November 3 2008

Thursday, Oct. 29, 2008
Top Stories

– Al-Qarni: Retrying in a Sana'a court is a seatback against President's pardon

– Civil society groups protest against government for not releasing detained citizens over alleged connections with Sa'ada fighting

– Opposition parties threaten to resort to international justice

Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) warned the authorities of their constant attempts to individualize the electoral process, considering such acts as means of violence, civil war and fragmentation, the website reported. It added that JMP chairman Sultan Al-Atwani confirmed during a press conference last week that JMP would struggle in order to hold fair and free elections, saying that they would announce soon whether they would boycott the upcoming parliamentary elections or not.

Al-Atwani further explained that there are several means to express opinion, including peaceful protests in streets and resorting to international justice, refusing any attempts of the ruling General People's Congress (GPC) to hold rigged elections.

For his part, Member of JMP Supreme Council and Secretary General of the Islah Party Abdul-Wahab Al-Anisi said that JMP would do its best to hold independent elections, citing that elections are the right and most effective tool to make comprehensive political reforms.

According to Al-Anisi, the most recent speech by Ppresident Saleh in which he threatened to reconsider multi-party system in Yemen came as part of a series of attempts to overturn democracy, pointing out that the opposition has its own program which could deter the authorities' plans and force them to abandon such plans.

On a side note, the Islah Party's Shoura Council has called its members, supporters, charitable societies and all Yemeni people to support the victims of floods in Hadhramout and Mahra thanking, during its regular meeting held on Sunday, all people who had offered donations for the victims. It held the authorities responsible for tensions, deterioration of the emergent democracy, crises, violations of human rights and freedoms countrywide.

It further urges its members and supporters to face the authorities' suppression with peaceful struggle, protect the oppressed and reinforce the principle of equality.