Al-Sahwa [Archives:2008/1214/Press Review]

December 8 2008

Monday, Dec. 1, 2008
Top Stories

– Opposition leaders: We will peacefully resist bequeathal of power

– Armed clashes between Dhamar tribesmen and republican guards over artesian well

– Security authorities repress journalists and protesters

Several journalists and activists were attacked by the government's security forces on Thursday as they were trying to cover a massive rally protesting against the upcoming parliamentary elections, the website reported.

During the protest, journalists including Saeed Thabit , Vice President of the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate, Twakol Karman, Chairperson of Women Journalists Without Borders, Abdul-Star Bajash , editing manager of , Abdu Aish , a correspondent of , and Saleh al-Soraimi, a correspondent of Sahwa Net , all were assaulted and beaten.

The website went on to say that President of Yemeni Teachers Syndicate Ahmed Al-Rabhi along with other dozens of activists and opposition supporters were arrested. Over 20 protestors were wounded, four seriously in the protest which was faced by live bullets and batons.

An Interior Ministry official said the troops fired into the air to disperse the “illegal”” demonstration in the capital San'a