Al-Sahwa [Archives:2008/1216/Press Review]

December 15 2008

Saturday, Dec. 13, 2008
Top Stories

– Modern study: No positive impacts of economic efforts to alleviate poverty

– As many as 15 car thefts reported during the Eid vacation

– German Researcher: Constitution of the Republic of Yemen is not put into practice

A German researcher labeled Constitution of the Republic of Yemen as a valuable old book which is not put into practice, saying that real democracy and popular participation would not be achieved in the state until Yemen's judiciary becomes unbiased and fair, the website reported in a front page story.

In a seminar on Yemen's judiciary held in Taiz before the Eid vacation, Schulz recommended that the government teaches and trains judges and lawyers in specialized universities and allocates enough resources for judicial system in Yemen.

He further stressed the necessity of creating well-established judiciary which is provided with all necessary means to enable it be fair and independent.

On a side note, the website reported that Ali Al-Sarari, top leader of the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP), also know as Yemen's major opposition alliance, said that Yemen's judiciary is not independent, urging the opposition to focus on the case of creating a fair and independent judicial system.

“If the state managed to create a fair judicial system