AL-SAHWA: Sanaa weekly, 11-6-98. [Archives:1998/24/Press Review]

June 15 1998

[Yemeni Congregation for Reform (Islah)]   Main Headline:
1- Islah MPs warn against rise in prices and condemn corruption and security lapses.
2- Meeting Speaker of Parliament, Sheikh Al-Ahmer, a delegation of religious and tribal leaders condemn the rise in human rights violations, as uncovered by the trial of the men accused of perpetrating the last year’s Aden bomb explosions.
3- Following 4 days in detention due to ‘holding an unauthorized party,’ the head of the Unified Students Union in Dhamar was released in response to widespread students protestations.
4- World Bank reports warns against a marked decrease in foreign investments in Yemen, reaching almost nil towards the end of 1997. Reason cited include lack of security and bad infrastructure.
5- The Mayor of Sanaa, Brig. Al-Miswari accuses the government of not allocating enough funds for sanitation.
6- Hunt Oil Co. workers postpone their intended strike for 15 days due to the company’s answering some of their demands – free medical care and national ‘phone calls.
Article Summary:
Doulos: New Form of Proselytizing
Leaving Djibouti, the floating book fair on board the ship Doulos has returned to Aden. It was received with much media and official fanfare. In addition to the English book sections and the small Arabic one, there is a special section for the Bible.
In contrast to other sections of the book fair, it was noticed that Bible section was staffed and overseen by young pretty girls, a factor attracting huge numbers of male visitors to this part of the fair.
Allowing some women to go the ship’s lower decks, staff members took large number of copies of the Bible translated into Arabic to distribute to these women.
One of ship’s staff commented that Yemenis have the right to convert to Christianity, and the organization’s real purpose is to ascertain the suitability of various countries for the spread of Christianity.