AL-SAHWA: Sanaa (Weekly) 13-11-97. [Archives:1997/46/Press Review]

November 17 1997

[Yemeni Congregation for Reform (Islah)]
Main Headlines: 1- Seminar on Yemeni-Eritrean relations adopts Eritrean viewpoint and calls for joint investments on disputed Hunaish Island 2- Islah Shoura Council calls on Yemeni political leadership to boycott Doha economic conference (MENA) 3- Control & Audit report: budget deficit of YR 11.5 million in Al-Thawra Hospital in Sanaa Article Summary: Flour Scandal Facts are still being uncovered in the “flour scandal” being investigated by the Public Funds Prosecutor. Large quantities of subsidized wheat and flour – allocated for Sanaa – were sold on the black market by employees of the General Establishment for Foreign Trade and Cereals during October. Some of the accused are still holding their posts, and vacant posts of suspended employees are still not filled. Investigations have also revealed that employees of the state-owned Central Bakery in Sanaa were also involved in selling their flour allocations to private merchants. An acute scarcity of flour resulted in Sanaa due to this.