AL-SAHWA: Sanaa weekly, 15-1-98. [Archives:1998/03/Press Review]

January 19 1998

[Yemeni Congregation for Reform (Islah)]
Main Headlines: 1- Islah MPs’ criticisms of the 1998 budget did not go beyond the parliament’s report which the government agreed to implement. 2- The head of Islah’s political department calls for the formation of a judicial committee to investigate misconduct by PGC ministers in the previous government. 3- A PGC leader admits that the state turns a blind eye towards corruption. 4- Islah Charitable Society is providing daily meals for 40,000 fasting persons during Ramadhan. Article Summary: The Budget, Again! There is a 2.6% increase in the planned 1998 public expenditure despite the need to reduce it. A large chunk of this increase will cover the 10% rise in the salaries of government employees, which is due to come into effect this year. This rise, however, be offset by the rise in basic commodity prices that will occur due to lifting part of their subsidies. The strange thing is that the government has increased financial allocations for diplomats and army and security personnel. Also, more money is allocated for buying cars and furniture for senior officials, a thing which the government had previously pledged not to do.