AL-SAHWA: Sanaa weekly, 18-6-98 [Archives:1998/25/Press Review]

June 22 1998

[Yemeni Congregation for Reform (Islah)]   Main Headline:
1- Islah leader and Speaker of Parliament, Sheikh Al-Ahmer: “Islah works for Yemen and its development.”
2- Prices of basic food commodities and fuel are expected to rise before 25 June when a World Bank official is to due to visit Yemen.
3- Dispute has escalated in Hodeida over a land where a second hand market run by Yemen returnees from Saudi is located. Four people were wounded in the latest violence.
Article Summary:
Protest Over Water
Forty people, including children, were arrested in the Sheikh Is’haq area in Aden. They were accused of incitement to violence when they protested against the absence of water supplies by blocking a main road passing through their area.
A project to increase the water-pumping power to the higher land of Sheikh Is’haq, Al-Muallah and Qalou’a was inaugurated last year at a cost of YR 15 million. However, a main pipe burst a short time after the start of operations. The project had been abandoned since then, leaving the people in these areas without constant water supplies.