AL-SAHWA: Sanaa (Weekly) 20-11-97 [Archives:1997/47/Press Review]

November 24 1997

[Yemeni Congregation for Reform (Islah)]
News Review: 1- Islah official: Aden car bomb explosion is a criminal act that contravenes all Islamic and humanitarian values. 2- Explosives were seized in connection with bomb explosion at (Islah run) Radaa Scholastic Institute. 3- Two Bodyguards of Taiz Appeal Court’s president are still detained following assault by unknown men on the judge 2 months ago. 4- Imam of a Hodeida mosque was savagely attacked by bodyguards serving a prominent figure 5- Fishermen in Seera, Aden demand that they be housed in their traditional area near the coast, Urban Planning Office claims their area is outside city bounds. 6- Malaria takes epidemic proportions in Hawta, Lahaj due to accumulation of rubbish and faulty sewage system. 7- A sit-in, a strike, and a mass demonstration in Taiz in protest against replacement of Islahi employees at Education Office.