AL-SAHWA: Sanaa (Weekly) 23-10-97. [Archives:1997/43/Press Review]

October 27 1997

[Yemeni Congregation for Reform (Islah)]
Main Headlines: 1) Amid Strong Public Protests, Parliament Rejects Increase in Diesel Prices and Calls Government for Questioning 2) 10,000 Families to Benefit from Winter Clothing Project Implemented by Islah Charitable Society 3) All-Out Teachers’ Strike Succeeded in Making Government Draft Law to Protect Teachers’ Rights Article Summary: Drunkards in Aden Residents of the 14th of October quarter in Tawahi, Aden, have complained to the authorities of the immoral conducts of some drunkards in their area. Bootlegging has increased considerably, especially after the 1994 war, the residents said. There are now 25 illegal alcohol factories. There were only 5 during the Marxist rule. It is alleged that late at night some drunkards throw stones at houses, urinate outside mosques, utter blasphemies, peep into houses, and do other immoral acts. The letter has brought to mind the recent case of a father who raped his daughter while under the influence of alcohol.