AL-SAHWA: Sanaa weekly, 26-3-98. [Archives:1998/13/Press Review]

March 30 1998

[Yemeni Congregation for Reform (Islah)]   Main Headline:
1- Political and media circles express astonishment for the raging attitude adopted by Al-Mithaq newspaper, mouthpiece of the People’s General Congress, towards any calls for combating corruption.
2- 80,000 families are set to benefit from the Adhahi program to be implemented by the Islah Charitable Society during the forthcoming Adh’ha Eid.
3- Started with a dispute over a stone cutter, an armed tribal conflict in Dhamar leaves 14 dead, more than 20 injured, and loss of property and livestock.
4- Members of the Maritime Chamber, Aden, call on the Prime Minister to put an end to monopoly over navigational services in Aden port.
Article Summary:
Oil & Gas in Development
By: Abdul-ilah Al-Qirshy
Instead of using Yemen’s oil revenue to support local agriculture and food production, it is used to buy wheat and flour from abroad thereby supporting Western farmers.
The revenue could also have helped the electricity-generation sector, which has a small capacity of 500 MW that is supposed to cover all Yemen. The Emirate of Shariqa with its quarter of a million population has an electric power capacity of more than 1,000 MW. The recently inaugurated project to supply Mareb with 40 MW of electricity from the Safer oil fields, operated by Hunt, is just not enough. It does not compensate the area for the pollution by the oil fields.