AL-SAHWA: Sanaa (Weekly) 27-11-97 [Yemeni Congregation for Reform (Islah)] [Archives:1997/48/Press Review]

December 1 1997

News Review: 1- Parliamentary Speaker, Sheikh Al-Ahmer underwent medical check-ups in US in preparation for heart bypass operation. 2- New members of Islah branch in Sanaa University were elected. 3- Trial of men accused of Aden bomb explosions adjourned until December 1st for prosecutor to prepare evidence. 4- Government employees in Mocha are interrogated for interfering with judicial system by sentencing some citizens to imprisonment and paying fines! 5- Mukalla electric generators are in need of repair and spare parts have not arrived after 3 months of generator failure. 6- Political parties in Aden held a meeting at governor’s hose to coordinate efforts to solve governorate’s problems. 7- Sanaa’s allocation of subsidized flour sold illegally on black market caused flour shortage and many bakers unable to get their share – case at prosecutor’s office for last 2 months.