AL-SAHWA: Sanaa weekly, 34-9-98. [Archives:1998/39/Press Review]

September 28 1998

[Yemeni Congregation for Reform (Islah)]   Main Headline:
1- Yemen celebrates 36th anniversary of September Revolution.
2- Islah leader, Sheikh Al-Ahmar: “Islah’s concern for students is part of its concern for the future of Yemen.”
3- Yemeni political parties call for an Arab initiative to break the unjust embargo imposed on Libya.
4- Parliament reviews a report on financial irregularities in 5 public service ministries.
5- At a cost of YR 3.5 million, the Islah Charitable Society distributes 13,000 school bags to pupils in Taiz.
Article Summary:
Prison Conditions
A report by parliament’s Human Rights and Civil Liberties committee has uncovered many human rights violations in Yemeni prisons. Field visits to the central prisons and detention centers in Hajja, Mahweet, Ibb, Dhamar, and Amran, have reported overcrowding, lack of health care, prevalence of contagious diseases, and other inhumane conditions.
Mentally ill and criminally insane prisoners are locked up with petty thieves. Many people are still in prison despite serving their whole sentences. While others are imprisoned without trial.