AL-SAHWA: Sana’a (Weekly) 9-10-97. [Archives:1997/41/Press Review]

October 13 1997

[Yemeni Congregation for Reform (Islah)]
Main Headlines: 1) Security Force Broke into Islah Offices in Sharaab and Looted Possessions 2) Islah Charity Branch in Mukalla Spends YR 28 Million on Charitable Projects 3) Two Compensation Cases Filed Against Ship which Brought Rotten Vietnamese Rice to the Port of Aden. 4) Governor of Hodeida Rehabilitates Imam of Tawheed Mosque & Orders Arrest of Soldiers who Assaulted Him Article Summary: Fish Wealth Usurped Foreign fishing vessels continue to fish in the Yemeni territorial waters, contravening all international agreements and conventions. It is alleged that bribes are paid to influential officials to let these vessels fish near the Yemeni coast. Some Yemeni government employees have even become guides for some of the foreign fishermen. Thai fishing ships resorted to the trick of raising Yemeni flags and using Arabic ship names to fool the Yemeni coast guards a few months ago. They even abducted and assaulted some Yemeni officials who tried to stop them.