AL-SAHWA: Sana’a (Weekly) [Archives:1997/40/Press Review]

October 6 1997

2-10-97. [Yemeni Congregation for Reform (Islah)]
News Review: 1) Speaker of Parliament, Sheikh Al-Ahmer visited Syria and Lebanon 2) Elections are to be held to choose new dean for the College of Agriculture at Sana’a University – appointed dean got two votes in last year’s university elections. 3) Costing YR 75 million with a capacity of 5,000 lines, first stage of communication network is inaugurated in Aden. 4) Islah Charitable Society to distribute 60,000 school bags with stationery items to cover all governorates. 5) New plan is signed to demarkate Aden Free Zone after infringement by Authority of State’s Lands on areas allotted for the Zone. 6) Due to dispute with private investors, new land is allocated for educational hospital at Sana’a University. 7) With a capacity of 500 students, first Scholastic institute for girls is opened in Sarwah, Mareb. 8) Of 82 projects licensed in Aden during first half of 1997, 27 are industrial, 23 for tourism. Projects capital is YR 51 million and expected to create 439 jobs when completed.