AL-SAHWAH: Sanaa weekly, 12-2-98. [Yemeni Congregation for Reform (Islah)] [Archives:1998/07/Press Review]

February 16 1998

Main Headlines: 1- Yemeni Teachers’ Syndicate (Islah affiliated) calls for are to go on strike on 21-22 February in protest over very low pay. 2- Yemeni political parties announce their solidarity with Iraq. 3- Bloody confrontations between the police & gangs of bootleggers took place in Aden. 4- Trial of alleged saboteurs in Aden continues after Ramadhan adjournment. 5- Dance parties and alcohol sales immediately after Ramadhan aroused people’s anger in Aden. Article Summary: Foreign Piracy Violations of the Yemeni territorial waters by foreign fishing ships seems to continue unabated, leading to near extinction of several marine life species. The relevant government organs behave as if the issues does not concern them. A previous court ruling, confiscating an Egyptian ship caught using internationally prohibited fishing methods and fining its owners $140,000 for causing environmental damage, was reduced to YR 800,000 only. Concerns were expressed by fishing circles, considering that a recent amendments to the law has raised the fine imposed in such cases to $1 million.