AL-SAHWAH: Sanaa weekly, 19-2-98. [Archives:1998/08/Press Review]

February 23 1998

[Yemeni Congregation for Reform (Islah)
Main Headline:
1- Islah leader, Al-Zindani offers his condolence on the death of the Sudanese vice-president.
2- Big explosion on Tuesday, February 17 demolished the wall of a police station in Tawahi, Aden.
3- Teachers are to go on strike demanding better pay.
4- Number of Aden MPs demand an investigation of illicit alcohol sales in their city.
Article Summary:
Flour Scandal, Again!
The prosecutor’s office and the Central Control and Audit Organization are still investigating the sale in the black market of tens of thousands of sacks of subsidized wheat and flour. A prosecutor report indicated that a black marketeer has admitted the involvement of several senior Foreign Trade Establishment officials in Hodeida, Sanaa, and others in the Central Bakery. Receipts were forged to cover up the sale, the report further said.
Some flour stockists have confessed to issuing false receipts for large quantities of flours, which they did not actually get. One stockist confessed to getting YR 8.5 million from the head of the Foreign Trade Establishment in Sanaa in return for 9,300 sacks of subsidized flour sold last September in Hodeida. A number of truck drivers employed by the government are also being questioned for their part in the operation.