AL-SAHWAH: Sanaa weekly, 2-4-98. [Archives:1998/14/Press Review]

April 6 1998

[Yemeni Congregation for Reform (Islah)]   Main Headline:
1- The Prime Minister left Sanaa after submitting his resignation, which was rejected.
2- Some MPs defend ratifying the “suspicious” $80 million loan, despite a voting procedure to ratify it that went contrary to parliamentary charter.
3- Defense counsel in Aden bomb explosions case concentrates on the illegality of the arrest and interrogation procedures.
4- Islah Charitable Society successfully completed the treatment of 600 cases in its 1st health campaign in remote villages outside Aden.
Article Summary:
Ministry of Oil Refuses Employment
More than 250 petroleum and mineral resources graduates of Russian and Yemeni universities have submitted a petition to the President, protesting the rejection of their job applications by the Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources. The graduates applied more than 10 months ago, and a presidential memorandum issued on 7 March directed the Prime Minister to address their grievances. What happened to the government’s program to Yemenize the oil sector?