AL-SHOMU’: Sanaa fortnightly, 14-2-98. [Archives:1998/08/Press Review]

February 23 1998

Main Headline:
1- Chief of State Lands and Real Estate Authority enforces secessionism by adopting pre-unification planning.
2- Some groups of Yemeni students studying in Arab countries attempt to revive regional & sectarian allegiances.
3- People’s General Congress Chief in Hodeida expresses doubts about considering some patriotic figures as secessionists.
Article Summary:
Corruption at Ministry of Oil
Informed sources at the Ministry of Oil, which prefer to remain anonymous, have indicated that a recent deal to buy gas cylinders has cost the state an additional $1.5 million. The 500,000 gas cylinders were purchased at an extra $3 per cylinder. The same source have also pointed out that the Ministry has a big stock of gas cylinders, enough for the usage of the next 12 years.
Also, senior Ministry of Oil officials awarded the importer, Tawfeeq Abdulraheem YR 900 per cylinder as customs duties and transport costs. Customs duties do not usually exceed one-third of the awarded sum!