Al-Shoura [Archives:2003/626/Press Review]

March 10 2003

2 March 2003
Main headlines:
– Arab summit does not reject offering facilities to American troops
– Hundreds of thousands demonstrate in Sanaa against American plot
– Precautionary measures at British and American embassies in Sanaa
– Tens of people still detained in Sa'da
– Teachers in Lahj stage labour strike

Columnist Ali Mohammed al-Sirari says although the parties grouped in the JMP have succeeded so far to resist attempts by some circles at the government and its ruling party to dismantle this political grouping and to return its six-member parties again to a state of disunity, the authority circles did not cease their attempts in this direction. They repeat their attempts after each failure attempt. When the government was forced to raise a slogan on the national alignment, due to pressure of internal and external events, it was not guided by this necessity to consider unity of the opposition as a condition of establishing the alignment, but seems to have emptied it from its content. Thus dismantling the JMP has become the ideal formula for the national alignment.
The authority should relinquish the strategy of internal ripping apart as a basis for the unity and force of its influence and its existence. It has to stop reshuffling the facts so that to render the high interests of the homeland more superior to those of authority and keeping it. The relationship between authority and the homeland should occupy a normal situation where the authority becomes a means and the homeland an end.
No doubt the JMP now realises the amount of loss t would sustain if it has surrendered to attempts of dragging it to the past and responded to trials of sowing skepticism among its members to set them asunder.