Al-Shoura [Archives:2003/631/Press Review]

April 14 2003

6 April 2003.
Main headlines:
– Opposition representatives and independents arrested and prevented from nomination
– Aggression on Iraq continues
– Chairwoman of woman forum accuses political parties of abandoning woman nomination
– 800 dead American soldiers in a morgue in Kuwait
– Administration from the Pentagon to seize Iraq's oil

In its editorial the newspaper sys the Yemeni Union of People's Forces, along with parties of the JMP are to run for the parliamentary elections to be held on 27 April for restoring balance of the political life and straightening he course of democracy in addition to enhancement of pluralism and role of the political parties and organizations of the civil society for reaching to peaceful exchange of power. The editorial maintains that there are many factors impeding preparation of the democratic climate for holding free and honest elections at secure atmospheres. It says the that the people's interest is the objective of democracy and defining this interest is to be founded on a free popular will and any interference by any party to block this will or any violation is considered violation of freedom and democracy and against the country's constitution and laws.