Al-Shoura [Archives:2003/633/Press Review]

April 27 2003

20 April 2003
Main headlines:
– GPC's escalated breaches herald troubled elections
– YPFU condemns defaming its election program in official media
– Aggression on Iraq continues
– Lawsuit by JMP charges unconstitutionality of article 130 of election law
– Arrests and pressures practiced against opposition candidates in Taiz

Amin al-Kharsani says in an article the events taking place in Iraq proved that h United States political philosophy is in its essence an immoral philosophy even if the American administration claims to be a defender of freedom and human rights all that is but deception. There are many indicators confirm that. Such indicators are for instance hitting civilian quarters, and bombing the installations that contribute to offer humanitarian services such as hospitals and stores of food supplies.
The United States has violated the international laws by staging an aggression on a small country just because it refuses the American policy in the region. Above all, America has ignored the United Nations and its charter. It seems the United States has given the most important example of American arrogance and clearly disclosed its ambitions in the Iraqi people's oil wealth and re-mapping the region in compatibility with its future strategy, among which the security arrangements for Israel that build its presence at the expense of land and people of the Palestinian people. Plundering and looting museums and intellectual heritage of Iraq in an organized way proves that the American administration is morally defeated despite its military victory.