Al-Shoura [Archives:2003/634/Press Review]

May 5 2003

27 April 2003
Main headlines:rn
– April 27, the people's opportunity for changern
– Millions of voters choose the new parliamentrn
– Flagrant bias of official mediarn
– Big success for the “Union” candidate in Hajjarn
– GPC doubled number of the poor to nine millions.rn
The writer Suad al-Qadassy said in her article that the woman participation in decision-making occupies a special position within the analysis of her conditions as seen by perspective of the social gender that aims at enabling both man and woman to get the social opportunities and rights. It aims at having their effective and complete participation in all social activities leading to realization of overall development and the required social change. rn
Ms al-Qadassy maintains that despite the available democratic margin and regarding the rights granted to the woman in the society and concerning the available constitutional and legislative institutions, defining mechanisms of decision-making, its operations in Yemen are still characterized by:rn
– decisions at all levels to the highest ranks of the state are taken by the dominating elite of men. Thus they reflect a fatherly vision of the male interests, rn
– discrimination against women in the society leads to doubling the negative impact of the general policies against the woman. This discrimination affects women ability to gain economic, social, and political opportunities and rights and this leads to the loss of potentials. rn
Continuation in dividing work on a basis of gender deprives women from gaining rights equaling them with men and leads to distancing them from taking part in economic, social and political activities and decision-making.rn