Al-Shoura [Archives:2003/635/Press Review]

May 12 2003

4 May 2003
Main headlines:
– JMP studies a stand towards results of the elections
– Arab General Conference calls for people's resistance under the banner of freedom and human rights
– Health ministry denies any infections; SARS disease invades the world, Yemen not far from it
– Jarallah Omar son: Trial illegitimate, excludes actual perpetrators of the crime.
Columnist Mohammed Ali al-Hadhiri says in an article that the Yemeni press has been suffering from circumstances of quasi normal isolation because of Yemen's situation at the remote southern boundaries of the Arab homeland. This explains the difference between countries of the Arab center and those of the peripheral where we discover marginalization of the latter against the shedding of lights on the former for circumstances related to the progress realized by those due to their situation and other associated circumstances. While the Gulf States, with their financial capabilities, managed to surmount this isolation the poor countries alone remained suffering from the obvious egoism of the countries of the center. Among the mistakes prevalent here is not changing the press into a profession socially affiliate of the middle class because the Yemeni media have not yet entered the phase of professional traditions guaranteeing to the journalist at least the fair material income. Yemeni press failure in achieving participation of elements of the Yemeni case as a whole and transfer it abroad, is an expression of a comprehensive backwardness and a lack of a strategy aimed at developing national media free from negative impact. Absence of unionist awareness in the circles of Yemeni journalists is probably also part of backwardness of Yemeni journalism backwardness, which up to now has failed to define a real agenda of what is supposed to be achieved in this respect.